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As Sete Caixas The Seven boxes

3D animation & mixed media series 7 ep. X 13’ by Nuno Amorim and Jorge Ribeiro

Format / Target

“As Sete Caixas” (The Seven Boxes) is a mini-series of 7 episodes, 13 minutes each. Its target-audience is children between 6 and 11, but its experimental nature may also appeal to older audiences.


In the City of Boxes children can enjoy everything they want … but only through television screens.

The friendly and funny clown Whiteface entertains them with his addictive games and hypnotic shows, keeping them in their rooms, safe from all the dangers from outside. “It’s for your own good!”, he says.

But a group of restless children want to get rid of that prison. Pandora, André, Ana and Kid discover that using their imagination each children has access to an alternative world where they can go to and learn to be free from Whiteface’s domination.

General Concept

Whiteface, the clown ruler of the city, brainwashes children everywhere with his insidious TV show, to keep them safely inside.

Expected to simply sit quietly at home staring at their screens, most children have forgotten how to play, how to think for themselves and how to use their imagination.

Whiteface maintains this order through controlling the drones that prowl the city day and night, convincing himself it is all for children’s own good to stay away from trouble.

Our heroes are four children willing to fight back, using real toys, their imagination and their feelings of friendship towards one another.

One of the children is called Pandora, who knows Whiteface for who he really is and knows how to bring him down.

Teaming up with the other children and the mysterious Sackman (the only other adult in town, other than Whiteface) Pandora manages to discover in herself and the other children the creativity needed to free their town.

Each child having access to an alternate world they can escape into and learn from, the children return to their city each time with new knowledge and experience. Freeing all the children from their hypnotic prison, our heroes are finally ready to confront the clown and reclaim their freedom.

State Of Progress ProgRess

In production (finished 4 episodes out of 7).

BUDGET: 800 000 € | SECURED FINANCING: 600 000 €